Understanding Kids

Lucy Daniels Center articles are published monthly in Carolina Parent magazine’s Understanding Kids column.

Balancing After-School Activities and Free-Play

Choosing Halloween Costumes for Young Children

Deciding When Children Can Stay Home Alone

Establishing Healthy Parent-Child Communication

Exclusion in Early Childhood

Healthy Minds, Healthy Families

Helping Children Adjust to Daycare

Helping Children as the Winter Holidays Approach

Helping Children Reach Their Fullest Potential as Students

Helping Children Understand Tragic Events

Helping Children When a New Sibling Arrives

Helping Children With Homework

Helping Children With Peer Pressure

Helping Children With School Challenges

Helping Young Children as Halloween Approaches

Knowing Your Child as a Developing Student

Making the End of the School Year Meaningful for Children of All Ages

Making the Most of Camp Experiences

Preparing Children for a New Sibling

Preparing for a New Sibling in Blended Families

Preparing Young Children for Visits with Relatives

Preparing Your Child for a First Sleepover

Starting a New School Year

Staying Connected While Connected

Stepparenting During the Holidays

Supporting Literacy Development in Early Childhood

Supporting Your Child’s Relationships in School

Talking About Adoption

Technology and the Developing Mind

The Importance of Family Mealtimes

The Meaning of Santa and Magic in Young Children’s Lives

The Roots of Positive Thinking

Thinking About Children’s Adaptability to Different Learning Environments

Thinking About Kindergarten Readiness

Transitioning from School to Summer Break

Traveling with Young Children

Understanding and Managing Aggressive Play

Understanding of Changes in Children’s Behavior

Understanding Imaginary Friends

Welcoming a Pet into Your Family

When Children Are Controlling or Rigid

When Children Resist Going to School

When Children Say They Are Bored

When Enough Is Not Enough

Winning and Losing