Your Child’s Assessment

Matching your child’s emotional, social, and academic needs with our program is the focus of our comprehensive approach to assessment. After filling out the Request for Consultation form on our main website, you will meet with one of our administrators to discuss your child and our school program. The next steps typically include:

  • further meetings with you to learn about your child’s background;
  • two or more play-based sessions between our clinicians, teachers and one of the school directors and your child (you will be there as well if your child is five or younger);
  • observation (with your permission) of your child in his/her current classroom;
  • standard psychological or developmental assessments if we feel they would be helpful in understanding your child.

This process is usually completed within three to four weeks.

If the Lucy Daniels School with its associated services from the Center is not the ideal approach, we will recommend other treatment options or programs in the community that would best suit your child’s social, emotional, and academic needs.