The Lucy Daniels School provides a supportive school environment for children who cannot manage or perform well in a mainstream setting. We serve children with average or higher intellectual capacities who may have:

  • difficulty separating;
  • trouble making or keeping friends;
  • struggles with concentrating or completing assignments;
  • tendencies to be socially isolated;
  • anxieties and worries, including refusal to try new activities;
  • repetitive behaviors;
  • difficulty with self-control;
  • excessive stubbornness, defiance, or resistance to following rules or routines.

We invite you to call, email, or visit to begin a discussion about whether the Lucy Daniels School is the right choice for your child. Contact: Deborah Mugno (Elementary School) or Jennifer Reid (Early School) or call (919) 677-1400 or Complete our online form and we will contact you!