Our Approach

We provide an alternative choice in our therapeutic school for children who are unable to meet the demands of a mainstream classroom.

Learning-Together-520wLucy Daniels School teachers develop individual learning plans for each child, providing strategies to work around the behavioral and mental health-related blocks that get in the way of academic success. At the same time, children also work individually with therapists on-site. The end goal is to have all students thrive in regular mainstream classrooms, and to develop solid academic and social skills.
Teachers and therapists meet regularly to inform one another of the progress and challenges in the classroom and with therapeutic work. Parents meet regularly with a parent guidance counselor to work on understanding and reducing challenging behaviors at home or in other settings. This collaborative approach creates an environment where children progress socially and academically, improve and change their behaviors, and develop resilience so that they can become successful and competent learners.

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