About Us

The Lucy Daniels School provides preschool through 5th grade education in a therapeutic environment.

Imagine your child realizing her full learning potential and having rewarding social relationships despite her current limitations of behavioral or emotional obstacles. Imagine a team of education and mental health experts and a learning community that provides unparalleled support for your entire family.

The Lucy Daniels School does just that. We provide an environment where:

  • your child’s education and therapeutic program is carefully tailored to her needs and strengths;
  • you as parent(s) coordinate closely with teachers and therapists;
  • everything your child needs educationally and therapeutically is thoughtfully integrated and provided on-site; and
  • social and emotional growth takes place in classrooms where your child feels safe, understood, and supported in all developmental areas.

This is the Lucy Daniels School. We imagined such a school because we believe every child can reach her fullest potential by learning in a caring environment where we understand your child and your family.

We built this school because there is no other option of its kind in our region.

To learn more about us, view our videos or give us a call at (919) 677-1400.

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